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Stunning Los Angeles Airbnb Listing Photography

Los Angeles AirBnB Photography

In the competitive world of Airbnb, first impressions are everything. As professional Airbnb photographers in Los Angeles, we know exactly how to showcase your property's best features, creating inviting images that attract more guests. Our expertise in lighting, angles, and styling ensures your space looks its best, potentially increasing your bookings and revenue.

Why Choose a Professional Airbnb Photographer?

Starting at $250

Bedroom of an AirBnB listing shot by house of pix

Why Choose a Professional Airbnb Photographer?

From cozy interiors to stunning exteriors, our comprehensive photography services cover every aspect of your property. We pay attention to the details that make your Airbnb unique, ensuring guests can visualize their stay vividly.

From showcasing nearby attractions to highlighting the unique experiences your property offers, our lifestyle photography captures the best of what Los Angeles has to offer, exciting guests to choose your property for their next getaway.

Immerse potential guests in your property with virtual tours and 360 photography. This interactive experience allows guests to explore your space from the comfort of their home, providing a transparent and engaging viewing experience.

Our Airbnb Photography Services in Los Angeles

Welcome to House of Pix, where we specialize in Airbnb photography in Los Angeles. Our goals is to transform your rental properties with professional, high-quality and dynamic images that capture the unique features, views and characteristics of your space. Learn how our photography services can make your Airbnb stand out in a crowded LA market.

Explore our portfolio to see the difference professional photography makes. Our collection features a variety of Los Angeles Airbnb properties, showcasing the quality and diversity of our work. Let these success stories inspire your own listing.

Portfolio: A Showcase Of Our Amazing Work 

Los Angeles Airbnb Premium Photography Package - High-Quality Interior and Exterior Shots for improving Listing online presense

Premium Package

  • Standard HDR Photos

  • Virtual Tour

  • High-Res Floor Plan

Starting Price

Los Angeles Airbnb Premium Plus Photography Package - Comprehensive Property Showcase with Virtual Tours and Lifestyle Imager

Premier Plus Package

Everything with premium, plus:

  • Drone Photos / Aerial Video

  • Virtual Twilight

Starting Price

Explore AirBnB Photography Packages

Discover tips and strategies for optimizing your Airbnb listing with high-quality photos. Learn how the right images can enhance your listing's appeal, improve your search ranking on Airbnb, and attract your ideal guests. We'll guide you through selecting the best photos to highlight your property's strengths.

Optimizing Your Listing with High Quality Photos

Starting at $350

Optimizing Your Listing with High Quality Photos


Simply dial our number to speak with us, discuss your needs and schedule your real estate photography session effortlessly.


Send us a message detailing your requirements, and we'll promptly arrange a convenient time for your photo shoot.

Online Booking

Visit our booking page, select your desired service and preferred date, and confirm your appointment with just a few clicks.

How to Schedule Your Rental Property Photoshoot

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Our specialized Airbnb photography service in Los Angeles combines expert lighting, professional-grade equipment, and an eye for detail to make your property listings irresistible. We understand what attracts potential guests and highlight those features in every shot.

  • Efficiency meets quality with our service. We aim to deliver your fully edited, high-resolution images within 48 hours after the shoot, ensuring your listing goes live or gets updated without unnecessary delay.

  • Absolutely! We provide immersive virtual tours and 360 photography as part of our service offerings. These tools are perfect for giving potential guests a comprehensive view of your space, increasing engagement and bookings.

  • Lifestyle photography adds a layer of storytelling to your listing by showcasing the experience of staying in your property. It goes beyond the space itself to highlight the lifestyle guests can enjoy, making your property more exciting and relatable.

  • Yes, we offer the Essential Visibility Package for basic needs and the Premier Showcase Package for hosts looking to give their listings maximum impact. Each package is designed to meet different needs and budgets.

  • Booking is simple! Just click the "Book Your Session Now" button found in each section of this page, or reach out to us directly via email or phone. We'll discuss your specific needs, scheduling, and any questions you might have to ensure a smooth process.

 Services & Pricing

Explore our competitive rates tailored to your photography needs.


Dive into our portfolio to see our quality and style.


Find the perfect package to showcase your property's best features.

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