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San Juan Capistrano            Real Estate Photographer

Discover San Juan Capistrano's rich history, modern culture, and natural beauty

At House of Pix, we provide property professionals in San Juan Capistrano with fast, affordable and professional visual marketing solutions. We have been Providing service in Mission Park, Hidden Mountain and San Juan Hills since 2012 and our work has been seen on thousands of campaigns.

House of Pix San Juan Capistrano is made up of a small team of Architectural Photographers that are professional property creatives, dedicated to ensuring only the highest quality of visuals for your listings, delivered in the quickest turnaround time.

San Juan Capistrano & Mission Park


Professional photos of the listing will provide added emotional impact and engagement with a property, translating to quicker sales and less time on the market!

Drone Aerials

If you’re looking for an exciting way to highlight a property’s unique features, showcase a perfect landscape and demonstrate the surrounding neighbourhood.

Video Walkthroughs

We help leading property professionals get high-impact Videos to attract attention and get results their clients love. Add inspiration.

3D Virtual Tours

Virtual Tour powered by Matterport is the perfect solution. Provide your prospective buyers or tenants with a 360 virtual tour of your listing.


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San Juan Capistrano AirBnB Photographer

We are AIRBNB Official photographers since 2015, with almost 500 shoots under our belt, in Orange County and Los Angeles, including top-end properties. We adhere to the latest guidelines to make sure that your photos match the ethos and aesthetics of Airbnb. Improve your occupancy rate. High quality photography is paramount on Airbnb in a time of market saturation.

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