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Showcasing Homes with Attention to Detail

We feel that each home has its own unique personality and charm, and our goal is to highlight these characteristics through our real estate photography. We give great attention to detail in everything we do, from the architectural aspects to the interior decor, to guarantee that every shot captures the actual character of the home. We bring out the best in each shot with our cutting-edge technology and advanced editing procedures, accentuating the distinctive selling features that set your listings apart.

Starting at $250

Professional Real Estate Photography in Orange County

Elevate your property listings with House of Pix, Orange County's most trusted name in real estate photography. We combine our experience with cutting-edge equipment as a committed team of skilled photographers to produce amazing photos that reveal the actual essence and attractiveness of your assets. We help you make a lasting impression and stand out in the competitive real estate market by committing to excellence and paying attention to detail.

A professional interior photo of a nice home that demonstrates the home's lovely appeal.

Elevate your property listings with House of Pix, Orange County's most trusted name in professional real estate photography services. Our professional photographers capture the soul and beauty of each home, resulting in breathtaking visuals that leave a lasting impression on prospective buyers.

A professional real estate shot taken by an orange county real estate photographer.

House of Pix: Your Orange County Real Estate Photographer

Additional $100

Aerial Photography to Give Your Listings a Unique Perspective

Using our experienced aerial photography services, you can take eye-catching aerial photographs of your Orange County real estate listings. Our experienced team uses cutting-edge drone technology to deliver a unique perspective that highlights the compelling features and characteristics of your listings. Our aerial images will set your listings apart from the crowd, whether they feature open grounds or breathtaking panoramas. Contact us today to find out how our high-quality aerial photography can help you boost your Orange County real estate marketing and attract more buyers.

A professional aerial view of a magnificent property in Orange County, highlighting the beautiful surroundings.

Additional services

House of Pix goes beyond conventional photography to provide you with a complete solution for showcasing your Orange County properties.

You can improve your real estate listings by using our additional services. We provide a variety of options to help your property stand out, from custom floor plans to virtual staging. With our background in Orange County real estate photography, we bring a fresh perspective and attention to detail to each project, ensuring that your listings capture potential buyers and leave a lasting impression.

a real estate cameraman creating a home video tour

Video Walkthroughs

Add video walkthroughs to your property listings to make them more appealing. Our skilled videography brings your listings to life, highlighting the distinctive qualities and providing potential buyers with an immersive experience.

a matterport recording a virtual home tour

With Matterport's realistic virtual tours, you can immerse yourself in your dream home. Explore every detail from the comfort of your device, taking in a lifelike walk-through of the property's amenities and layout.

A customized floor plan for a real estate listing

Custom Floor Plans

You can add value to your real estate listings by using our customizable floor plans. Our expert staff carefully creates precise and visually appealing floor plans that offer potential buyers with a thorough understanding of the property's layout and specifications. 

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Contact Us for Your Orange County Real Estate Photography Needs

Contact House of Pix directly if you want to display your property with amazing real estate photos. Our talented photographers are experts in capturing the essence and charm of your listings. Schedule a session with the best Orange County real estate photographer and let us help you showcase the unique aspects of your property while attracting potential buyers with compelling photos. We will get back to you right away.

Increasing the Effectiveness of Your Real Estate Marketing Strategy

In Orange County's competitive real estate market, having captivating digital media is important to grabbing the attention of potential buyers. Our Orange County real estate photography service is designed to enhance your marketing efforts and help you attract qualified prospects. By showing your properties in the most appealing way possible, you may make a positive first impression and attract more attention. In everything from web listings to brochures and advertising materials, our high-quality photos will leave a lasting impact on your target audience.

A real estate photographer's professional shot of a beautiful home interior.
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